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Revival Counseling Center Intensive Outpatient Program

The Intensive Outpatient Program uses an interdisciplinary approach to address the personal and social needs of the client. Intensive Outpatient Treatment capitalizes on both in-house resources and/or referral to outside agencies and providers. The goal of the Intensive Outpatient Treatment is to consistently provide services that respect the cultural diversity of all persons served. Services provided are intended to maximize the opportunity for the client to participate in the program, so services are provided in locations and at times and days that best meet the needs of the client.

Personalized Counseling and Treatment Options

On a more personal level, the Intensive Outpatient Program services are intended to help clients develop enhanced self-esteem, self-confidence, self-responsibility, and honesty. The Intensive Outpatient Treatment program provides two or more of the following services:
  • Individual counseling/therapy
  • Family counseling/therapy
  • Group counseling/therapy
  • Group sessions

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Group Sessions

Group sessions include: Communication Skills, family group (with or without family members present), smoking cessation, spirituality, biological aspects of addiction, attitudes and beliefs, 12 step education, sponsorship, relapse prevention, recovery education and planning, work readiness, life skills, physical wellness, identifying and coping with negative emotions, family/social interaction, anger management, and resiliency. Family participation is encouraged, but not a required portion for treatment.

Frequency of Services

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Services has two tracks that are specific to the needs of each client, depending on individual assessments and client preference. In IOP Track One, clients will receive at least fifteen hours of direct contact with a counselor/therapist a week. This includes fourteen hours of group counseling sessions each week, and one hour of individual therapy. In IOP Track Two, client will receive at least nine hours of direct contact with a counselor/therapist each week. This includes eight hours of group counseling sessions each week, and one hour of individual therapy. The duration of completing all Outpatient programs consecutively is six months.

Evidence Based Treatment Curriculum

Evidence Based Treatment Curriculum utilized in the Revival Counseling Center’s Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program include: Hazelden Life Skills Curriculum, Motivation Interviewing, Relapse Prevention, Mapping, SAMSHA Anger Management Curriculum, Nicotine Cessation/Prevention, Matrix and Living in Balance. Counseling approaches include client-centered, cognitive behavioral, family systems, reality/choice, existential, and behavior modification.

We can Help

During your initial intake, we will help you find the personalized program that will best fit your individualized needs. If you are struggling, help is available in a variety of treatment options. Revival Counseling Center is here to provide women throughout Northeast Arkansas with hope for a happy, healthy future.

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